Map MEGA as a network drive

The title says it all I guess
i.e. want to use MEGA as a network drive - NOT for syncing file - i.e. keeping files/docs on MEGA only, while accessing them from wherever
I’ve looked at different places in the web; always finding instructions dating back to version pre-12.04 and/or applying to anything except MEGA or leading to things like Expandrive or similar… that don’t have MEGA in their list.
So. If one of you can be my sherpa and have explored the trail before any of us, i.e. me :-), your input will be very welcome.

Hello @Watford,

It’s something I’ve tried to search, and I haven’t found an updated solution either.

I believe the best way to start is to try to contact the support team and see if is possible.
If yes, to do some adaptation with regard to the code made available, but probably would need more advanced knowledge.

I like this:


If you wish to try with an alternative:

I’ll use the web interface in the meantime
it does what I want some way
will investigate owncloud, though is accessible with Dav, also
Thing is just not to have everything in one place and pay for 1T twice

This looks like it fulfills your requirements:

I’m running it now, after a simple install MegaFuse is providing the network drive no problem.
BUT … only getting a measly 230 Kb/s upload speed? Not too impressed.