Marco compositor and picom

I have noticed on some installations of MATE the windows manager comes with Picom compositor and on other installations it is not present.

What package do I need to install in order to provide PICOM?

Update :

Distros Are :

  1. Ubuntu-Mate 22.04 Jammy (AMD) PICOM was included
  2. Ubuntu-Mate 22.04 Jammy (AARCH64) PICOM included
  3. Armbian 23.02 Jammy + MATE (AARCH64) PICOM not included

As mentioned by guiverc the package is picom. Which did install and is supported on both ARM distros.


You haven't provided any release details, but a quick scan of

all show picom as being included.

A simple sudo apt install picom should install it (Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- picom)