Marco technical replacement

From man marco: Marco is a plain window manager for the
adult in you; Many window managers are like Marshmallow Froot Loops,
Marco is like Cheerios. It lacks some features that may be expected by
traditional UNIX or other technical users; these users may want to in‐
vestigate other available window managers for use with MATE or as a
standalone window manager. End excerpt.
I do not need nor desire "eye candy", and thus have no interest in the desktop experience of MS Windows (including 10) nor Mac OS (including X). However, I am a "technical user" and both an ATT Sys V Unix (including the Sun Solaris desktop on pre-Oracle Sun SPARC workstations) as well as a BSD user in the past. Is there a recommendation for a MATE compatible "technical" replacement for Marco, or an "add-on" for Marco to make it for a "technical user"? I have attempted to search this topic on this list, but nothing relevant appeared in the first few minutes of perusal.

I too may be a "technical user", but as far as I can tell the term is undefined here and I have found no indication of what features I may be missing by using Marco.

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