Mate 1.18.0 - 17.10 mount reports host is down

I have two servers, an Ubuntu server on x.x.x.3 and an OpenIndiana server on x.x.x.2 - the mounts themselves work fine on other versions of Linux, and were initially working on this installation of 17.10 until a day or two ago, when I updated and then rebooted. Now it will connect to the Ubuntu server (ie, map a share via sudo mount)… but the map to the OpenIndiana server fails with “Host is down.”

I’ve tried forcing it to use version 2.0 and 2.1 but I can’t get around this.

Any ideas please?

I got fed up and tried a complete reinstall of 17.10 - didn’t solve the problem. still says that the host is down. mount error (112)

OK - I had to go as far down as to specify vers=1.0 and now it has connected.