Mate 15.10 is installed but doesn't know it

After a struggle with UEFI and several attempts I have finally managed to get 15.10 cleanly installed nicely in an ext4 partition on my SSD and properly dual booting with windows 10. Just one problem. It doesn’t know that it is installed.


  1. Under system administration there is an “Install Release” button. On hover it asks “install this system permanently to your hard disk?”. If you click on it, it tries to restart installation as if from scratch.
  2. Mate Welcome has a green “Install” button and no green “software” button. This second problem is particularly annoying since I can’t use any of the nice new one click install features.

I would prefer not to have to reinstall to fix this. There should be a setting somewhere that tells ubuntu that it is installed and not running in a live session. If I can just tweak that setting I should be able to fix the problem without going another round with UEFI and windows 10.

Will keep notes here as I work the problem. Suggestions welcome.

  1. sudo update-grub did NOT fix the problem
  2. Nothing obviously wrong in any of the config files in /boot
  3. Can’t see anything in startup programs
  4. Uninstalling ubiquity etc does not stop it from TRYING to install, but prevents it from being able to do so.
  5. And a complete uninstall/reinstall of ubuntu-mate-welcome doesn’t help either

I’m starting to run out of ideas here. At this stage I have most everything I need installed anyway. I would have liked to try the welcome software install, but I think I might just have to get along without it. This one has me stumped.