Mate 17.10 (Beta 2 i386) unable to connect to ethernet (HP Pavilion a874c - 2003-ish model)


I have considered installing Linux on an older desktop (see title) that still works fine as a day-to-day machine, but has serious security holes because of Windows XP. Therefore, I used a live usb image of Ubuntu Mate 17.10 beta to test out the capability of the computer. It works fine (albeit slower than other machines, for obvious reasons) but the ethernet link can never fully reach the internet. The wifi symbol just keeps displaying the “connecting” animation.

I have used this image on other (newer) computers with no problems. Another Linux version (Debian Stretch 9.2.0 i386, stable) has the same issue, and the default Windows XP installation’s internet works fine.

Is there a terminal or other fix for this problem, or is it simply a generally bad idea to use a brand-new beta OS on a 14-year-old desktop?

Caleb M

Hardware details, please. I can’t find that model in HP database.

Please post the output of:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

lspci -nn