Mate 19.10 freeze after login


I have updated to 19.10 today and after "successful" upgrade I rebooted my laptop and saw that it started overheating to 65-70 degr. Celsius and does not react on anything but the power off button after running for 4-5 minutes.

Has anybody had similar experience and would be able to help?

I'm running MATE Desktop Environment 1.18.0 from a USB drive now on the same laptop and have no issues at all.

Thank You in advance for Your kind help!
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On the 19.10 I have started System Monitor after login and saw that the "indicator-datetime-service" was eating my memory what caused the system to freeze.
Currently the only "solution" what I found - as a workaround - to disable this from the startup.

Do You have any guidelines what may cause the problem with this indicator?

Thank You once again.

Hi, @andx

Did you upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10? If you can I would do a fresh install of 19.10.

Hi, @mikeroyal

Thank You for Your kind note.
I did upgrade from 19.04.
Unfortunately I would avoid a clean install ... as this is my primary computer with a lot of settings I have done over the past years. ... and I do not have half a day to backup and restore all data and software I'm using regularly.

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The possible solution - what worked for me - was to reset the panel where the "indicator-datetime-service"was.
Since this the issue has not appeared.

Hi everyone,
I have the same problem, just appear like that, so I need to kill the service to avoid the oom.
I applied "dconf reset -f" to reset the panel but this solution doesn't work.
"indicator-datetime-service" is still heating my memory.
The only solution is inside Evolution, to change the property of my gmail account unchecking the calendar link...but I need this calendar.
So thank you for you support
Bruno (Ubuntu-mate 20.04)

Hi Bruno,
I'm sorry I can not help as I'm using Thunderbird (not Evolution) without the calendar link ... and have currently no issues.
Best Regards,