Mate 20.04 cannot change the audio output

As written in official page, I tried to set the audio output to HDMI by
sudo amixer cset numid=3 2
however, terminal return the error as followings.
amixer: Cannot find the given element from control default

When booting the Mate 20.04, I must open System Settings/Sound for manual settings every time.

Does anyone know the solution this?
Thanks in Advance

temp solution:
open system settings/sound
=> in hardware tab: put 1st built in audio off

to test:
reboot and do speaker-test to test if ok

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Thank you for the response.
Yes, I always 1st audio off by manually then switch the device in output tab.
Trouble is that hardware tab and output tab's changes are not saved.

on my site it's working
my hardware RPi4 4Gb
OS Linux Ubuntu Mate 5.4.0-1015-raspi 64 bit
updated + upgraded

normal situaties in soud settings:

  • Hardware tab:
    • Built-in Audio Stereo Output: 1 Output/ 1 Input Stereo Output (this is the headphone jack)
    • Built-in Audio Stereo Output: 1 Output/1 Input (this is the HDMI)
  • Output tab:
    • Builtin Audio Stereo Connector Headphones (this is the headphone jack)
    • Built Audio Stereo Connector Analog Output (this is the HDMI)

by default on startup sound goes to headphone jack. You can manual switch to HDMI if you select 2d Built-in Audio Stereo
and it works but after reboot sound is again redirected to headphone jack

The only temp solution i find was:
Hardware tab:
1st Built-in Audio => in Profile choice Off
2d is still there (= HDMI)

Output tab:

  • 1ste Buil-in Audio (headphone jack) is no more in the list
  • only Built-in Audio Stereo Connector Analog Output is still there

Result : only HDMI is active

To test:
only HDMI is active and still working

Till now this was the only solution i find/working

Thank you for the reply.
It's works!
I think the solution you found is the correct deal. (correct way for profile settings)

Thank you again for sharing useful information.

good to see that it's working on your site to

Sorry for being a newbie:

I need to change the Output Tab at each login in order to get HDMI to work.

I CANNOT change the Hardware Tab first entry to OFF, clicking in has no response (screendump2).

My login is already a member of audio in /etc/group

Please help

When the first audio device is selected, can you click the Stereo Output next to where it says Profile and then select Off?

Yes, that works.

Sorry for my ignorance in using the interface and thanks so much for your speedy and accurate reply.

BTW, what is the linux command execute in the background when I do this in the interface

Please check the youtube video below for solution explaining.

HDMI issue is started 5min 45s.

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This video appears to answer the question. If you don't speak Chinese (ni hao) there are subtitles. If you don't like subtitles, here's a graphical explanation:


You turn off the profile that goes to the headphones.