Mate 22.04.0 - removed panel how to restore, and dropbox icon in panel?

Hi, I just joined the community, best wishes to all!

I removed the panel by mistake. Is there a way to restore the default? I don't have access to network settings/wifi. Also I use dropbox, and the dropbox icon also dissapeared. Is there a workaround to restore all these?

Thanks for listening

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Hi kmate, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Let's try to get your panel back.

The easiest method is to

  1. press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[T] to open a terminal.
  2. in terminal: Type mate-control-center
  3. in mate-control-center select 'MATE Tweak'
  4. in mate tweak: select panel
    In this window you can select a panel layout which puts you directly back in business.

You probably want to customize the panel a bit.
It might be a good idea to save your customized layout in mate tweak
Because if it happens again, you can call your customized layout directly with the steps described above.

tip 2
You also might want to lock your panel so that you can't delete/destroy it again.
The easiest way is from the terminal
To lock the panel:

gsettings set org.mate.panel locked-down true

To unlock the panel:

gsettings set org.mate.panel locked-down false

But you can also do this from a GUI like dconf-editor.


Hi tkn, many thanks for the immediate response and happy to join the community!

Let me check the suggestions you provided and will come back to you.


It worked fine tkn, many thanks!