MATE - 2nd of the best Desktop environment

Hi guys, found this googling :

:clap: :clap:


We are also nr3 here :


It's saying a lot to get on one of those websites, I must say. But keep in mind that site specifically says that the desktop environments listed are not in any particular order, so being number 2 doesn't mean much, except that the person who wrote that page probably thought of it second. I have reason to believe MATE may not be the author's second choice; the author said that KDE (number one on that list) was not their first choice.

Still, quite an endorsement, and even an endorsement for Ubuntu MATE itself.

Yap :slight_smile: but they are talking about as best Desktop environment , something that i totally agree :wink:

Oh yeah. I religiously use MATE, because I personally think it's the greatest desktop environment out there. Nothing else even comes close. (OK, XFCE is pretty good, but not at the level of MATE.)


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