Mate, backup and restore keyboard shortcuts

I am using MATE 1.24.0

And I can't find how to backup and restore my current keyboard shortcuts.

for example, when I use the command:

dconf dump /org/mate/desktop/keybindings/

I do get the export of the extra keyboard shortcuts that I have added, which are only 2. But not the keyboard shortcuts that were standard, and that I have modified. I have modified for example a few like " toggle maximize state" and "Tile window to east (right) side of the screen" and so on. Basically I have modified all keys so that they resemble the windows short-keys, because they are useful and make sense to me.

Restoring this manually on an installation is quite annoying, and kinda defies the idea of automation. At the same time, I can not easily share them, so that I or someone else can easily restore this. Anyone know how to backup and restore these keyboard shortkeys?

edit : preferably from the command-line

Hi and welcome back to the community,
It seems those keybindings are located in /org/mate/marco/window-keybindings.
By the way I want to thank you because I was looking yesterday for a way to backup my custom keybindings for the exact same reason and could find a lot of keybindings in dconf-editor but not mine.
And the location you mentioned contains them so, thanks a lot !

Amazing, thanks!

To me that seems like an illogical location. That's probably why I, and probably you also, did not find it. But both halves make a whole. :stuck_out_tongue:

So to backup all keybindings, one needs to both export :
dconf dump /org/mate/desktop/keybindings/ > dconf-mate-desktop-keybindings.conf
dconf dump /org/mate/marco/window-keybindings/ > dconf-mate-marco-keybindings.conf

And to restore both, one would then load them with:
cat dconf-mate-desktop-keybindings.conf | dconf load /org/mate/desktop/keybindings/
cat dconf-mate-marco-keybindings.conf | dconf load /org/mate/marco/window-keybindings/

Great, thanks again.

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The logic is that those window keybindings work based on the window manager you are using. Here it is Marco so it goes in the Marco folder. Had you used Compiz, that has different keybindings, it would have been somewhere else.
You can use dconf load /location/you/want/to/restore/ < yoursettingsfile as well to restore.
Thanks again !

Allright, that makes kinda sense.
Your restore command is probably better, So i will put that in my notes. tx.