MATE Cinnamon Sugar

What article, written for novices, gives instructions for how install Cinnamon on top of Ubuntu MATE 16.04, and proves that it is safe and stable to do so?

Not certain if it still applies ... Here's an article ... snip below

Friendly Mate

Although Cinnamon is largely derived from Gnome 3, and Mate comes from Gnome 2; in practical terms, the underlying code base doesn't make a huge difference for end-users. Mate packages are available for several leading Linux distributions. You can also download an ISO image of the Mate-based version of Linux Mint, and it is even possible to install the Mate desktop on the Linux Mint Cinnamon edition using a single command:

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop

This is something I’ve recently done on my main desktop, because i luv cinnamon!

i followed the instructions at

this downloads and installs the very latest flavour - cinnamon 3, which hasn’t even been released for mint yet!

the article also includes uninstall instructions in case something goes awry, or you change your mind.

i’ve been using it for about a week and everything seems to run fine

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