Mate desktop updates in future Ubuntu mate 16.04

Hi everyone,
I’m an enthusiastic user of ubuntu mate : it is a fantastic os !
I would ask if the future ubuntu mate 16.04 is going to receive periodical updates of mate desktop environment , like mint linux did and is going to do
Thank you for the answers

A good deal of applications installed via Ubuntu MATE Welcome will be configured to use the official PPAs or apt repositories. Consequently, many applications will “roll” with Ubuntu MATE 16.04. I’ve added a new feature, which should debut in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Alpha 2, where the LibreOffice “fresh” PPA can be enabled. This PPA holds the current stable version (but not betas) of LibreOffice and will therefore make it possible to keep a current LibreOffice on your 16.04 install.

With regard to MATE itself, I will try to provide a back ported current version of MATE in a PPA for as long as it is feasible to do so.

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Thank you for the reply and for the excellent work in improving this fantastic os!