Mate desktop with full gtk3 support!

I am waiting for Mate desktop fully supporting gtk3 since a long time. But the Mate developer team keeps on delaying it and every new Mate version lacks full gtk3 support. I think the Mate desktop with full gtk3 support could be much more popular and successful than the Cinnamon desktop. Does anyone here have some information when we could expect Mate gtk3 version?

Arch Linux and Fedora provide MATE 1.10 built against GTK3.

Now, tell me why you need a GTK3 build?

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In order to remain with the current trends as major des support gtk3 as this enables to run heavy applications and thus all applications.

So Firefox, Gimp, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Inkscape and many other are all still GTK2.

Yeah I agree. But does Mate run all applications? Personally I like the Mate de and for the time being gtk2 is alright but just curious when it would support gtk3. It could be better than the Cinnamon de then. :slight_smile:

Not better or worst, but a personal choice :slight_smile:

This sort of reminds me of the ‘MongoDB is webscale’ skit :smile:

Lol! My wife and I lol’d over this one. Thanks! And I can vouch for /dev/null, it is fast as hell! Autsch mein hoden!

Got lots of replies but my question remains unanswered. True no one has crystal ball to look into the future and tell about it. But everyone has their own opinions, viewpoints about things. I asked about when you expect Mate with full gtk3 support would be released and since this is Ubuntu Mate forum I expected to receive serious answers from the commuity; what’s their viewpoints and expectations. But instead of that I am ridiculed and received funny answers.

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GTK3 support in MATE 1.10 is considered experimental. Since the MATE 1.10 release there has already been a significant effort to improve GTK3 support in the development branch. I imagine GTK3 support will be considered stable in MATE 1.12, for which there is no release date yet.

As for when a GTK3 version of Ubuntu MATE is available, that depends on when MATE 1.12 is released and what we (the Debian maintainers decide) as to when we migrate to the GTK3 builds.

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I like Mate even in its current form but happy to know the next version would be gtk3. Love Ubuntu Mate’s color and theme. Would give it a try.:slight_smile:

My sincere apologies for having inappropriately replied (in your thread) in response to srackham’s response. I wasn’t ridiculing you or anyone else. I just happened to find the video (and its subject matter) funny is all. :wink:

It’s alright. No problem. :slight_smile: