MATE Fullscreen Menu not fullscreen (Cupertino)

Not sure if this is a bug, but the way I display my monitors shows the Fullscreen menu starting offset on the screen. Such that the application list is not showing all the apps.

Steps to reproduce...

Have 3 Monitors...

  • Laptop Screen - 15 in 1080p
  • Upper Left - 1440p monitor set to 1080p
  • Upper Right - 1440 x 900

Set Cupertino to Desktop

Setup Alignment in Monitor Settings (while struggling with smearing monitor representations on the settings app)

Open menu with Super Key.

I am post this for exposure to my hardware and if anyone else has my similar hardware and issues.

I have a Large 1440p Display that has a High refresh rate, but can only work in 60Hz

At the moment, i am using a Dell Docking station to connect my displays to the laptop. (Provided by work for Work From home, but experimenting with it in my free time)

It is a Thunderbolt Dock, but the standard I use for connection is the DisplayPort Multi Monitor standard.

In Windows, it detects my monitor as 165 Hz and displays it normally with no intervention.
In Ubuntu (Budgie and MATE), i have to downgrade the refresh rate to 60Hz to get the monitor to display properly. It also supports FreeSync.

My other monitor is an old monitor I have plugged from VGA to an HDMI adapter. If I use the Adaptive Marco driver, horizontal lines show on all screens when all are displaying. I used the Non-adaptive driver, but on youtube videos, I get screen tearing issues. The only mitigation for this isssue is to install and run the Compton driver and no display wonkiness as well as Streaming Video having no apparent visual defects..