Mate: How to disable hover in Menu Browser?


I have a list of favorite applications in my menu (right side of the panel), however browsing over there with my mouse is super annoying since my pointer goes through other categories, which hides the favorites completely, unless I go through favorites.

Is there a way to disable hover categories?

Use dconf editor to turn off tooltips. Org> mate> panel> general> tooltips-enabled set to off.

Hi, didn't work, not even after reboot

Sorry for misleading you. It may not be possible to disable hover in your menu browser.

oh no :frowning: that's a bummer. Maybe any plugin or replaceable menu to see my favorite programs? or hide categories?

This one's called the Brisk menu - luckily you can disable the hover from dconf-editor:

com / solus-project / brisk-menu / rollover-active

Set this to false :slight_smile: There's also a setting to move the search bar to the bottom too.

If you did want to replace Brisk with another type of menu - remove it from the panel (right click) and add a new one like Main Menu (traditional cascading menus, no favourites) or Advanced MATE Menu.


Amazing! Wow, this gives me so many options. Made my day, thank you!