Mate in different Looks!




Next week here will be Leopard , Jaguar , Human and Clearlooks


The rest screenshots comes soon.

Here comes leopard !

Human-/Ubuntulooks. im very amazed how close it can get to the real deal. Sadly no toolbar handles!

Jaguar is here:

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Can you link the themes? aero40 and luna40 look really cool and I would like to try them

Here are some links:

Luna 40:

Aero 42 (aero40 with gtk4/..)

While If i recall correct i did have a silver Variant of XP too.
Found it:

The pling /matelook/Gnome-Look ones are the Most recent. However i do publish them in gitlab too. However not as often as on pling.

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I'm having problems with these themes.

Luna from your GitLab page works, but not from pling.
Aero doesn't work neither from GitLab nor pling; it errors out on import saying "it's not a valid theme".

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@ XavizardKnight
All of them work but not with the appearences installing dialogue possibly.

Here is a reupload for aero.

Manually extracted themes go in ~/.themes/ or ~/.local/share/themes/ directory. Use CTRL-H to extract.

Found out why! Simple Folder structure mismatch. The installer needs a folder with the theme name inside the archive. Sometimes i skip the toop folder since people extracting it with caja have the error the other way around.