Mate in different Looks!




Next week here will be Leopard , Jaguar , Human and Clearlooks


The rest screenshots comes soon.

Here comes leopard !

Human-/Ubuntulooks. im very amazed how close it can get to the real deal. Sadly no toolbar handles!

Jaguar is here:

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Can you link the themes? aero40 and luna40 look really cool and I would like to try them

Here are some links:

Luna 40:

Aero 42 (aero40 with gtk4/..)

While If i recall correct i did have a silver Variant of XP too.
Found it:

The pling /matelook/Gnome-Look ones are the Most recent. However i do publish them in gitlab too. However not as often as on pling.

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I'm having problems with these themes.

Luna from your GitLab page works, but not from pling.
Aero doesn't work neither from GitLab nor pling; it errors out on import saying "it's not a valid theme".

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@ XavizardKnight
All of them work but not with the appearences installing dialogue possibly.

Here is a reupload for aero.

Manually extracted themes go in ~/.themes/ or ~/.local/share/themes/ directory. Use CTRL-H to extract.

Found out why! Simple Folder structure mismatch. The installer needs a folder with the theme name inside the archive. Sometimes i skip the toop folder since people extracting it with caja have the error the other way around.

Preview screenshot, we can force brisk menu to look reasonable too.


Something im working on.

First theme of the ones usable. TeneX