Mate is the perfect OS, Unity HUD is the best feature of all time. Ubuntu Unity is also very impressive. Tipps

Unity was a very sophisticated Project sadly it has to be dropped, but it has been picked up by a 12 year old, very impressive: Download or "sudo apt install ubuntu-unity-desktop" The most important thing is the Unity HUD, which can also be activated in Mate in Mate Tweaks, alongside with pulldown terminal alt+F12 and the Dock. Its the innovation for the PC from Cannonical, in gimp for instance i can find my menu entry in half a second instead of searching for a minute. Simply press the alt key then type the menu entrys name.

The Mutiny Layout or Cupertino under System Menu - Administration - Welcome - Desktop Layouts us very impressive. On the other hand the standard Layout Task Manager with Text is not very good to use.

Clipboard Manger: Dock left right click - add docklets - clippy or "sudo apt-get install diodon" then its a small clipper in the right upper left.

caja remove "revert to previous version" : preferences - extentions - dejadub remove checkbox reboot

If system panel is lost: Strg+Alt+T (terminal) "killall mate-panel"

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They did a very nice job with this Unity flavor. Tested and it seems to work wonderfully out of the box.

Indeed, i like it very much. But the only Distro which has good calendar and notifier ist Mate with Evolution, im not 100% sure. Android is perfect in this regard. Also the Web Page from Mate is 100%, they know what they are doing! Like it very very much. Big Thanks!