Mate-maximus daily crash

On Ubuntu-MATE 16.10, and now with 17.04, I have every day one or two crash of mate-maximus.

Somebody has a solution ?

I found these references on the bug:

But no solution

Sorry, not fixed yet. I think it affects GTK+3 builds of MATE. I still get it myself sometimes.
As a workaround, you can disable Maximus in Startup Applications Preferences, if you don’t need the features it provides.

Obvious ! I don’t need it… Problem solved for me :grin: Thank you !

What is mate-maximus?

It is a tool that forces all windows to be shown full-screen.
I guess this is mostly useful for low-res displays like those found in netbooks and the like.

There is an option in “Mate Tweak” to automatically maximize newly opened windows? That work?

Yes, though it has a problem with CSD windows.

The crash mentioned in the first post should be fixed now in 17.10. Would be nice to have it backported too, but that's up to @Wimpy...

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