Mate-menu : I lost all the installed applications from my brisk menu

Hi folks,

I went up to the menu icon in Ubuntu Mate 18.04, right clicked and tried to edit menu.

I tried to drag one menu item into another and now ALL the applications I had have disappeard from the menu. Why didnt I click on the 'Revert' button.

Is there a way I can rebuild the Brisk menu?

or where are the config files located for the mate menu? I may have a recent enough backup to copy over.

I'd appreciate any help you can provide on this issue.


If anyone wants to know how I solved this, it was done by restoring some files from a backup I made earlier in the day,

The files I needed were in the ~/.config/menus directory.

Restoring those solved the issue much quicker than if I had to rebuild the menu file.

Backup, backup, backup... even those config files.