Mate menu search question

when I use the search feature in mate menu. it includes google as a search tool option. can’t that be changed or disabled?

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Only by modifying the code. What would you prefer to use for search? I was considering completely removing the web search because it’s not well integrated and I’d never use it.


Thanks for the reply. completely removing is ok in my opinion. or giving us the option to remove or disable is also a good choice. giving us the option to change search engines is fine too. and my search engine of choice is DuckDuckGo, but I understand that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Sorry to reply to a topic that’s this old, but I noticed there’s still Google search in Mate Menu (at least in 16.04). Any new thoughts on this?

I wouldn’t mind seeing it completely removed. Most people probably use a browser when they want to search the internet anyway.

If it does stay in, a way to choose a different search engine would be much appreciated.

I have never used the google search function from the menu. I have also never used the DDG search function, though I am somewhat relieved that it’s there now as an alternative.

However, I really feel this is an unnecessary feature. If it could be made configurable, or removed entirely, I would also appreciate it. I don’t think it would be missed, tbh.

I regularly use the DDG/Wikipedia/Computer search that show up whenever there are no app results (I have them set up to always show also, but I have the Google/Dictionary ones disabled).

The little magnifying glass next to the text field I find pretty much useless, as it doesn’t respond to keyboard navigation, it’s not configurable, and there’s the one on the result list already, making it redundant.

I generally only use the menu for searching apps, but I do like the idea of being able to google search from the menu, however I rarely use that partly because most of the internet I use goes through a portal and …, but i might use it more if it were not the case however, I installed gnome do today and I thinks it searches things way better than the AM

How did you disable Google and Dictionary?

I literally had no idea that magnifying glass did anything until just now. I just thought it was an icon signifying what the text field does.

@teslas_moustache - right click on the menu and select preferences. It’s all in there in the applications tab.

The fact that you weren’t aware of the search in the magnifying icon just shows how unintuitive it is. We should probably just remove it, or at least be able to disable it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my god you don’t know how long this has been bothering me. :hugging: :tired_face:

I just disabled Google, which is all I ever damn wanted. Thank you so much.

Hah, you’re very welcome! :slight_smile: