Mate oddities with update

Ubuntu 22.10; Mate Panels 1.27.0

Was having some weirdness with Mate so grabbed my backup HDD and upgraded the Ubuntu 22.04 to 22.10. As a result, some of that weirdness with mate went away so I'm happy about that.

But before I go screwing with settings yet, I wanted to ask a question here so I'm on the right track before changing anything.

Mate USE to display a small icon of opened apps in the left side task bar. Now it only shows the 'Show Desktop' and the Caja file man icons. If I open any other app, nothing shows. It used to! Back in V1.26.1 it did anyway. How do I configure Mate to show those app icons?


It sounds like the bottom panel may not have fully rendered correctly. The first thing I would try is to right-click on a blank space in the panel and select "Reset All Panels."

What happened? Both my panels disappeared, top and side, how do I get them back? There isn't a drop down to click on anything. How do I open anything? All I have is ALT TAB in order to open the browser. I do have the desktop launchers I created. But that doesn't lead me to a config for Mate.

Took some searching but got it most everything back except my changes. I'll have to remember to save my setup I guess.

But STILL, the left task bar does NOT show open apps, like this browser or even TERM if I open it.

Got it! The Familiar setup is apparently what I had been using. Why the update blew my setings away, I have no idea.

Not quite visualizing what you are missing. I only have top and bottom panels (taskbars?) on my UM22.04.1 laptop. Two methods I use are Window Selector and Window List as shown in image below. Yes I know you can't show screenshot of it as not there. The ones below are added by right clicking on panel if that is what you are using and then add to panel. They are down near the bottom.

Task Bar = Panel

My panels don't look anything like yours when I open something. The upper bar just has launchers and the standard running apps. The side bar now shows 'launched' apps, the workspace select button, and the trash bin.

I was able, stumbling around, to restore the bars and my favorite icons (like Network, Clock, Date, etc). Had to use a Terminal command, but got things back. Then I began to edit the 'Properties' to add the things I wanted. I found that the ONLY way I could get Launched apps to appear in the left side bar when I opened an app was to open Mate Tweak, Panel, then select the 'Familiar' theme. That seems to be the only theme that shows launched apps (I didn't try them all, just a bunch of them).

Then I add the few other items I want, like the Printer control.

Another bug I found was when I rgt click on a panel and select Properties, then changed the background to blue? It blew away the main Mate app launcher. The one that shows 'Places' and 'Apps' in a drop down menu. Had to go search for that to restore it by using the +Add to Panel command. That's all changing color blew away though...all the other icons, like Clipboard, Network, Speaker, Date/Time, then the shutdown launcher...those all stayed. That's why I think it's another bug in Mate Tweak.

Anyway, thanks for reading the post but I got it all figured out now...sort of. Until I forget it all again.

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