Mate panel | Cupertino style | Menu switch

Hey all!
I was change mate-panel layout to Copertino style and now i have question: how i can change Menu?
I want switch default Copertino menu to more compact brisk or etc.
Can you help me do this? Maybe i need edit some config files?

I found layouts in
Cupertino layout called as eleven.layout
But how can i change it to other menu?

You will have to right-click the menu logo, hit lock to panel to unlock it, then right-click again and hit remove from panel. Once again, right click on the area the menu was in, and hit Add to panel. This will bring up a window with various options. The default for Cupertino is Brisk Menu, but just type ‘menu’ in the search bar and you will see a few options.
Hope this helps.

Awwww! You make my day :grinning:
I forgot about this flag lock to panel
I thought I needed to change the value in the config.
Solved! :sunglasses: