Mate-Panel in REAL Black?

Hi guys.

Im new on this forum but I use MATE for testing porpouse for a long time. Now im in the direction of installing Ubuntu MATE LTS as my main OS but I need some help about Mate-Panel.

The MATE-PANEL is “dark-gray”. I need to know how can I make it “real dark” (black-dark or somethig like it).

Does anyone know how to do this trick? Please explain? What file to edit?

I want this only on the oficial theme. No need to do it on the other themes.

EDIT.: Oh. another thing. Would be great if its possible to do this trick and make all texts on mate-panel to be in pure white too…

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Right click an empty spot in the panel. Choose “Properties” from the menu. Choose the “Background” tab. Choose “Solid color”. Click the color swatch, and use the color picker to choose black. (“Color name: #000000” is fastest for me.) Slide the “Style” slider all the way to opaque.

(For the text color, you’ll probably need to modify the theme, mess around with a .gtkrc-2.0 file, or possibly find some hidden config value via dconf-editor.)


thanks. will try that…

You can also use the BlackMate theme and the FF plugin "Color that site". There are many options :slight_smile:

The Numix-GTK them also makes it a nice shade of black too. Can’t go wrong with Numix!

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Good to know , will have to try that one.

The Greybird gtk theme (one of my favorites; created and used by Xubuntu) also has a black panel.