MATE Panel Theme Collection

This is a collection of premium skins for the MATE Panel and MATE Menu. It can be used in desktop environments other than MATE, but the most compatible panel layout is the traditional style of two 24px height panels on the top and bottom; alternatively there are 40px height panel images for the single panel layout.


Installation Walkthrough:

  • Extract the contents of the archive into ~/Pictures.
  • Right click an empty area of a panel and select properties. Under the background tab select a background image from mate-panel-backgrounds.
    • Depending on whether the panel is located on the top or on the bottom, there are matching images in mate-panel-backgrounds. The bottom skin is often just a single px wide; left and right panel skinning is not supported. The scaling width for panel skins larger than 1px is limited to 1920px.
    • /mate-panel-backgrounds/large_panel_skins contains 40px height panel skins for single panel layouts. /mate-menu-buttons/large_menu_skins contains the matching menu button skins.
    • Some of the panel skins' left and right sides might look lopsided at first, however, some effort went into attempting to make the background images not interfere with daily workflow, effecting panel usability.
    • Each panel theme has a matching [url=]Emerald[/url], or sometimes, [url=]icon theme[/url] which are complimentary when used alongside.
  • Right click the MATE Menu button icon, and in the main button preferences tab select one of the images in mate-menu-buttons.
    • If an advanced menu is not being used, the panel still displays normally.

Original theme designs by Mr GRiM, Razorsedge, and Tornado. Visit Virtual Customs for more.