Mate Terminal Chops off Output

When I enter sudo lshw, I cannot scroll up all the way to the top of the output. The top several lines (many) are not accessible and have been chopped off. I have tried changing themes and window manager, but the problem is still there. Using Ubuntu Mate 16.10. However, if I enter only lshw (no sudo), I can see the entire output.

There seems to be a general problem with scrolling of windows in 16.10. I don’t know if this is a slightly separate problem you have identified or is part of the more general problem.

I don't think it's the same thing.
Terminal have a preset buffer size, they store only the last X lines.
By default only the last 512 lines are kept, if your command output is longer than that, then it'll be cut off.
You can set the buffer size in Profile preferences for the terminal.

You can also redirect output of your command to a file to then review it in a text editor:

sudo lshw > ~/Desktop/lshw.txt

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Thanks for that. I set the profile config to unlimited and solved the problem.