Mate-Terminal Shuts off when I try to use GTK-Inspector

I am trying to repair a theme, but when I hold CTRL-SHIFT-D my terminal shuts off. How can I use GTK-Inspector on the Terminal?

Also If anyone has any tips of tutorials for creating one's own theme I would appreciate it =)

Thank you!

This response is from a GTK+ 3 theme developer who also knows the secret to opening the inspector on the terminal! :slight_smile:

My method is to go to the menu: Help -> About. Then press Ctrl-Shift-D. Otherwise, the keybinding is erroneously misinterpreted as a Ctrl-D, which is an "end of file" indicator, which exits most shells and thus closes the terminal.

I've been thinking about writing a tutorial on theme development; I'm sophisticated enough that I now know not just how to write a theme, but most of the theme system's quirks and why those quirks exist. The best I can give you at the moment is my flagship theme called Gtk-Theme-Raleigh:

This theme is special in that it's quite simple compared to most themes, it's insanely modular, and I poured comments all over the place everywhere in the theme, so it should be easy enough to understand and modify to your tastes -- or at least provide you with a starting point. If you need further help, you can just ask for it! :slight_smile:

Good luck, and happy theming!

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I really appreciate it friend! Just grabbed and will have a look God willing.

P.S if you know a way to make the calendar pop from the middle rather then the corners of the panel applet let me know XD