MATE Tweak - "Don't show window content while dragging them"

I’m using Ubuntu MATE 15.04, and the MATE Tweak version used by default with that release.

Currently, under the “Windows” section of MATE Tweak, the “Don’t show window content while dragging them” toggle (as far as I can tell) alters the marco configuration “reduced-resources” option. However, this does more than stop showing the window’s content while dragging it; for example, windows’ minimise animations are also disabled.

Would there be a way of either separating the current effects into separate toggles in the MATE Tweak interface, or expanding the description given, as a potential development? Equally, if it was intentional, are there are any reasons behind the current state of affairs?

The toggle has been changed to “Use less resources” as of 15.10!!

Wily has so far been a great release; some areas have been refined and are maturing nicely, whilst in other areas some really exciting developments are happening.

Thanks to the chaps responsible for the changes.