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Hello. I just installed from 0 Ubuntu Mate 22.04. I use yaru mate light theme, and mate icons, mate tweak familiar. My problem is that there are no icons associated with indicators and mate teak (attached screenshot, in Spanish) and there are no cursors to choose from, only the black one for yaru. Any advice? Thanks.

Hi not sure of what icons are not there in your screenshot.
In my 22.04.1 I have two choices of a white cursor (pointer) in image below
Default Pointer and MATE although they have a black outline. Also at bottom you can change size of cursor (pointer)



Hi. I have no indicator and teak icon, in the look and personalization menu. Well, yes there is but it's a black square. Pointers I only have one...
Captura de pantalla -2022-11-15 19-28-58
Captura de pantalla -2022-11-15 19-30-16

Hi don't have Familiar available now but when I had it it did have the various pointers shown in the image.
Also your icons are the same as mine.
Maybe temporary switch to Traditional to see if it makes a difference.

ya I think the black icons are just icons of computer monitors, the way they are supposed to be.

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It looks like you're using the stock gnome icon theme. I don't believe it comes with icons for Indicators and MATE-Tweak, as those are unique to Ubuntu. You can set them, however.

Right-click on your menu, and select Edit Menu. Search through the menus listed on the left, until you find Indicators and MATE-Tweak in the middle list. Double-click them and you can change each icon by clicking the temporary icon on the top left corner.

For mouse pointers, try installing the mate-themes package. That should restore several old MATE themes and cursors.


Hi, thanks a lot echoplex88, your tip worked perfectly. Thanks to the rest also for your contributions. Greetings.