Microsoft not changing its stance on windows 10 support is dangerous

Sorry if this is not related to linux, but its so dangerous.

Many pc’s can’t upgrade to WIndows 11. Sure, we can convince some people to switch to linux instead, but many don’t know how to.

And, with an estimated 400 million windows 10 pc’s inelligible(also older windows versions), this could create a huge landfill of computers that will make the environment worse than before.

Yes, i know there is this non-profit organization that sent a petition, but microsoft just replied today(or yesterday or tommorow in your time zone depending on where you live), that the WIndows 10 support cycle will be unchanged.

So, we can do two things: Promote Linux in developing countries, as that is where the biggest source of e-waste is suspected to come from, or we collect many pc’s that can’t run Windows 11 that don’t have an owner anymore.

I would go for the first option, as we are already seeing the rise of Linux in countries like Nigeria, Kenya, India and Greece.

If you need a spare pc, then you can go with the second option.

Overall, Microsft’s decision with windows 10 is a very, very dangerous decision.

What will you do in 2025? Will you convince your family and friends to switch to linux? Or will you decide to rescue those pc’s on your own?

Please share your opinions.

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already switched my family's main computer to linux


I'm on Linux. Just have ONE program rarely used that requires Windows and use old laptop with bad screen and monitor. May have to keep eye out for cheap Windows box as backup. Was looking and many of the 10 had the s version which precluded installing my program. (note: am aware of various different methods to upgrade but not interested as this laptop had W7 and when trying to reinstall no go / gone Linux only.) Two laptops ago had one with MS Office Business installed by OEM. Then one day went to use and it asked for Installation disc, well don't carry them, uninstalled and went to Open Office. All problems are solvable. :grinning:
Yes there are some learning issues but just as many in Windows.


I think TurboTax is the only Windows software requirement I have left. Every year I update and refresh myself with Virtual Box, go here for the latest valuation version of Windows virtual machines for four different virtualization software options: VMWare, Hyper-V (Gen2), VirtualBox, and Parallels. That solves my Windows requirement.


I already switched my wife to Ubuntu Mate. She likes how easy it is to update. Also if she has any serious problems I can help her. I used to do that for family and friends Windows users, but that is getting hard after 15 years of being away from Windows and using Linux. Windows just frustrates me now.