Middle Mouse Button can't drag?

I use Blender quite a bit, and in order to rotate around the pivot point I usually hold down the left and right mouse buttons on my laptop touchpad and drag. But it seems that if I hold down the middle mouse button and drag, it doesn’t work. At first I thought that middle mouse emulation wasn’t working, but I found out I could still click the middle mouse button when using Blender’s “walk mode” to teleport.

I’m not sure if this is a Blender issue or a Ubuntu issue at this point, I’m looking for ways to diagnose or fix the issue here before I post a bug report.

EDIT: I have confirmed that middle click drag is what isn’t working. When moving an item around in Minecraft, holding down the middle mouse button while dragging is supposed to put a stack of items in every slot dragged over. While Middle Clicking to grab a stack works, middle clicking and dragging this way does not.

This also means that this is not a Blender issue.

I think you may need to do the following:


Select “blender” from the drop down list of “presets”

I’ve looked at Blender’s preferences, but rotating around the view is still set to middle mouse and it still doesn’t work.