Midori and Firefox still keep crashing and exiting

I still keep getting my midori and firefox browser keep crashing and exiting.

I have a similar thing. But I’m used to it now. I’ve been trying to use RPI3 like a desktop. With Ubuntu I’m getting their, but have learnt quickly only have a few (5 or less tabs) open. Don’t try having several applications open at the same time e.g. Thunderbird and Firefox. I’m slowly learning which ones are more stable. It’s still a learning curve!

If anyone has any further suggestions / tweaks I’d love to hear them.

ME TOO! I had very high hopes for this platform and found it barely capable. It can do most things OK. but has severe limits. 1Gb of memory starts the list. the quad cpu is not up to any task that requires horse power. I have buried the system looking at a single web site. When it starts acting like a drunken 386 I open the system monitor and find that the 925 Mb of available memory is flat on the ceiling and all four cpus are maxed.

Firefox has many issues on the Pi with ubuntu. I have several other linux systems that have none of the same issues with FF.

I can’t get flash to work on the pi with firefox. it will not work at all even with the enormous upgrade that came out today. HTML5 works on most video but will not play the audio on many youtube videos. Nothing but static.

Probably enough complaining. I did not intend to rant.

Strange. I run FF on the Pi3, with x tabs open, and it has not crashed on me yet. And of course it’s not as fast as a fullblown PC. It’s a raspberry Pi. I use it as my desktop PC though. Makes me happy. It’s fun :wink:

I use a fast micro SD card. Perhaps that’s your bottleneck?

I also use a fast micro sd card. I am not experiencing any throughput limitations. Only software issues and potentially hardware instability.

I am really glad you are happy and having fun. Without people like you the rest of us would have nothing to shoot for.

Sniping can be allot of fun!