Minecraft error message Hs_err_pid 7240

i log in to minecraft as long as i dont move everything is fine soon as i move the game crashes an i get the picture above, any help or more info needed plz ask

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Welcome @mazakein to the community!

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thank you very much :blush:

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Hi Mazakein, welcome :slight_smile:

Let's see what kind of error you got.

According to the text on the picture, I think that I'm correct to conclude that
you have a Minecraft-JRE error on a MS-Windows computer connected to a MS-Windows server so you decided to ask on a Linux forum to get help ?
Interesting :thinking:

Try here:

And here:

And report the bug here:

OTOH, you might get lucky that there is someone on this forum that runs MS-Windows and Minecraft-JRE and knows the solution to that memory protection error. :slight_smile:


sorry am new to all this didnt realise it was for linux only my apologise thank you for the link tho much appreciated.