MInor Bug with Plank, any help?

Changing icons in appearance, changes automatically on plank but when you shut off the computer they revert back to default, everything looks normal on reboot.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Maybe some delay would work here, try adding 5 seconds.


Hey, tried it but new to linux one question: Can I hide Plank on shutdown?

If can do it probably would fix it.

You can try this by r-click on plank and quit before you shut down.

is there a way for plank to hide automatically at shutdown?

The hide mode can be found in dconf-editor

Hi Pablo,

check through the bug list and see if your problem is listed there?:


An alternative is to install "Docky" instead and see if that works! (I would remove Plank first!).:

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Thanks @wolfman

Im sticking with plank because its better from what I read and more efficient than docky.

Just figured out there is a missing “cosmetic” feature like: AUTOHIDE on shutdown, really would polish plank a bit if added.

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