Misproportioned Workspace Switcher applet

tl;dr version:
The Workspace Switcher applet currently has somewhat misproportioned dimensions for the individual workspaces' icons. See the screenshots attached; Workspace Switcher on a horizontal panel is on the right hand side of the image.


Extended version:
If placed on a vertical panel, the height of each workspace rectangle is too low. Switching the workspaces using the mouse (not mentioning the touchpad) requires some dexterity. If placed on a horizontal panel, the height of the workspaces' rectangles is too big.

I use currently Ubuntu MATE 21.10 (nice release BTW) and therefore I'm also using MATE 1.26. I also gave a try to the MATE 1.26 already on Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS, I used the repository https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/+archive/ubuntu/fresh-mate to do that. I didn't notice the misproportions of the workspaces' icons there but I eventually may not remember correctly. I am sure these misproportions weren't present on MATE 1.24.

Does anyone have the similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix this eventually please? Also, if anyone knows if/how/where to report this, feel free to use any bit of information I just posted here.

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It is known issue, visit similar topic for solution at

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Thank you so much Norbert_X. I'll give it a try but I suppose it will fix my problem.

How could I miss the linked topic with solution. I did a search before. Now I feel really dumb.

I've followed the steps described in the linked topic and it helped, just as I expected. Thanks again.

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