"missing post_count value" in user profile preview in threads


When I click on username in some thread where the user has more than one message, the profile preview has “missing post_count value” instead of the actual message count:

Is it an issue with the site, or is it just my Firefox doing something weird? :slight_smile:


Dunno, i’m guessing it was a transitional site problem, just clicked on your icon and see this:


It only happens when the user has more than one message in the thread.


Do you have more than one message in this thread? Just clicked it up again and don’t see a problem.


So it’s something with the Russian localization. I’ve switched to the default language, which is English, and now I see the messages count:


Looks like a bug in Discourse, it’ll be one for them to fix (unless they’ve already fixed it and we just need @Wimpy to update to the latest version)


You mean, something else for @Wimpy to do in his copiuous free time? :slight_smile:


Aha… it’s their bug indeed, from last year. Just need an update here I guess.