Missing software & confliting libraries

Hello! I'm new to UbuntuMate (LinuxOS honestly speaking). When I first booted the system I got the Welcome program and also Software Boutique (pre-installed) I used it sometimes to download applications but I decided to install Snapcraft Store because the retroarch version in the Software Boutique was outdated, I went to Programs & Updates to enable Canonical partiners, and proceeded the installation.
Previously, I had already installed another kind of "Store" because of the name was "Programs", browsed it at first but it was blank, so I continued the instalation of Snapd.
The fact that I was with 3 store programs installed started to annoy me, so I decided to unninstall Snapd and keep Software boutique and the "Programs" store. At this point I already had installed Retroarch using snapd and other programs as well.
So I decided to get rid of those programs using the Programs software, them when I tried to unninstall the retroarch from snapd store with it I got a error message (forgot the content but I think it was confliting with snapd).
I went to Programs & Software-->Other Programs and unmarked "Canonical partiners" and got another error message (also forgot the content, sorry I know I could at least took a print but I was alarmed at this point).
After that I could unninstall the programs from snapd using the Programs software and at this point the thoughts about confliting softwares (idk the right term) was slowly ceasing. I proceeded to remove the programs all fine.
Them I went to the SnapCraft.io forum website to get help to uninstall the store itself, used the command lines from it "sudo apt purge snapd" and "sudo apt autoremove" and for doing so I noticed when I started my system the other day the Welcome and Software Boutique programs were missing from the Control Panel.
:worried: :slightly_frowning_face:

Welcome to Ubuntu MATE community!

Both Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique are provided by the Snap applications. To get it back use commands below:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install snapd

snap install software-boutique --classic
snap install ubuntu-mate-welcome --classic

Other possible software stores maybe named as Snap Store and GNOME Software.
You can remove them by using commands below:

snap remove snap-store
sudo apt-get purge gnome-sofware --autoremove

Further recommendations maybe the following:

  • use Software Boutique for simple one-click installations,
  • install Synaptic by sudo apt-get install synaptic apt-xapian-index to manage deb-packages in visual way,
  • to ease the navigation in the current software zoo download App Outlet application as AppImage and use it for searching of Snap, FlatPak and AppImage applications.