Missing Touchpad menu (Solved)

I install ubuntu-mate-desktop alongside kubuntu…and everything is working well. The only issue I have found is I don’t have tap to click working. I went to control panel and the mouse menu. Unfortunately the tab for touchpad is missing. Any idea what would cause this? Thanks for any help.

Hi @pc17,

have you done a full system update and have you tried running any fixes using Welcome?:

Thanks for the reply and the guide. That’s really handy. It did not occur to me to try Welcome unfortunately. I ended up installing Solus Mate to give that a try…and I have the same issue. No touchpad menu in the Mouse section of the control panel.

Hi @pc17,

sorry but I don’t know anything about SolusOS!. :frowning:

I thought it odd that I had the same issue in Ubuntu Mate and Solus Mate but I found a fix for it in this thread


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