Mixed-mate's sessions

This shows two Mate sessions displaying its output on one Desktop screen (X-Server):
-one mate session is on a Odroid-XU4 with Debian 8, the other on a Gigabyte-brix with Ubuntu 16.04

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Peba, does the Odroid run streaming internet video like, say, BBC Iplayer effectively? If it does, then I am going to purchase one.

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Updated: I have seen that Kodi 16.0 on the XU4 with Debian offers a BBC iplayer plugin.
Just watched BBC TV http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer on the XU4
via a free proxy from http://proxylist.hidemyass.com/ with Chromium browser. Quality is ok.

older post:
I don’t know if BBC Iplayer could work. I visited the web page and there was a notification that I am not from UK.
In general streaming (e.g. Netflix) on ARM linux (Debian or Ubuntu) based devices is a problem because many companies use additional plugins which are not available for ARM based devices like the XU4. From the computational power the XU4 can be used to watch 1080p Youtube videos when using XBMC or Kodi. In the WEB browser there are some limitations when watching videos on the XU4. I got 1080p video playback when using the flash video format but this requires some configuration work.
If there is an Android player for the BBC site the streaming might just work on the XU4.