Modified Ubuntu MATE plymouth theme

A boring post about a small mod I am working on. Not sure if I should be faithful with the triangle size or stick with the equal-sized tris I have right now. Here's a cap courtesy of plymouth-x11 and some special sauce:

2x scale version.

Not a bad look imo, but highlights some deficiencies about the default splash, being the fact those bullets are not aligned at all with the centre of the screen. Can maybe fix that.

As for how I did it safely and cleanly, that'll be up for writing later. At the moment just throw some input in and tell me what you think of this idea.

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Not sure I care for those sharp triangles, maybe some rounded triangles

Good news for the art team, that Ubuntu logo is centred. Checked today. Bad news is they still have to adjust the bullet position. Spacing seems alright, but it appears to have a 16-pixel difference on the 2x version, which means the whole animation only needs to be moved over 8 pixels. Specifically, to the left.

@Wimpy crack the whip and get to it.

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Don't take it personally but I for myself have to say honestly as it is: they look ugly. I'm glad that I have the rounded ones.