Monitor Refresh Rates - MATE/NVIDIA

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Pardon if this is not the best avenue, but seeking guidance if possible.

Had my Ubuntu MATE system (22.04) perfected everything about it. Was using Nvidia 510 drivers. Everything was tight. At random looking at nvidia-smi I noticed the power draw elevated at idle. About 75 Watts. Did some research and it was a known issue and was fixed in the 515 driver.

Updated to 515, cool power draw normalized. BUT…my monitor no longer could be set to 144hz. If I tried, it would go standby. Wouldn’t revive until reboot. Settings would not stick.

Tried via the additional drivers gui and straight from NVIDIA (heh). Figured I would need to go to most recent release for the newer drivers, gave that a try…nada.

Tried addressing settings directly in xorg.conf, tricks like set in nvidia settings and then the ubuntu display app and vice versa…nothing. Straight to standby.

Turned off and on the monitor a few times. Unplugged it, everything.

So what do I know, it works on Windows 10 at 144hz, it works on 22.04 and 22.10 with nvidia 510 drivers and nothing else. But the excess power draw…

Please offer guidance y’all, I am begging you.

before I forget the system:

Gigabyte 3080 TI Vision
Gigabyte M32U (4k 144hz)
Some LG 4k 60hz monitor

Original Cable that came with monitor
Monoprice cable (successfully works for 4k 144hz driver 510)
Club 3D

Window Manager: Marco: XPresent

Ubuntu Mate 22.04 and 22.10

Proprietary NVIDIA drivers 510,515,520 and respective open kernel drivers if they exist.

Thank you all,


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Turns out this is a broader issue with how NVIDIA is rolling out bad/inconsistent drivers with Display Stream Compression. Not an Ubuntu, MATE, WM, etc issue.

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