Motioneye cant find Pi camera with Mate

I have a Pi 3 with local camera enabled. Running Mate 16.04. Set Start_x=1 and gpu_mem=128 in /boot/config.txt. Camera works when tested using raspistill -0 camera_test.jpg. “motioneye” cannot find local camera. It is looking for a device in /dev. motioneye finds my USBwebcam without any problem as it presents itself as /dev/video0. Does anyone know what device is created in /dev for the local Pi camera?

you have to enable the v4l2 kernel module:

in /etc/modules add a single line with:

then reboot.

I installed MATE, because I wasn’t getting anywhere with Raspbian, and then ran into the whole wild goose chase of “which /dev do I use?” So, first @drummerdude, this is the first post that I’ve read in two days that didn’t send me down a path of frustration. Thank you!

@Mike_Mahoney, I’m not sure about motioneye, but with motion, it now sees the Pi Cam v2, after this change.
In case it’s helpful, in the motion.conf file, under “Capture device options”, I used
videodevice /dev/video0

BUT just below that, under “The video input to be used (default: -1)”, I had to change it to
input 0
because the default -1 is expecting a USB webcam.

That’s it so far. I haven’t tweaked it to my usual setup, but that gave me an .avi file, and some .jpg files, before I killed the process, and is the first sign of hope for running motion on a Pi 3, so wanted to thank @drummerdude, and pass along the other settings that are working.