Mount ISO, BIN and NRG images easily with caja script (without root)

I found out that neither the gnome-disk-image-mounter nor the udisksctl command support .BIN images (I got errors in those I tried to mount). So, you can use the command fuseiso in a caja script I created (I spent more than 5 hours getting it to work right :stuck_out_tongue:) , and you will be able to mount easily ISO, BIN and NRG images by right clicking on the file you want without root access.


  1. Install fuseiso by:

     sudo apt install fuseiso
  2. Create a script named something like Mount at ~/.config/caja/scripts folder:

name=$(echo $path| rev| cut --complement -d "." -f1| rev)
name=$(echo $name| rev| cut -d "/" -f1| rev)
fuseiso -p "$path" /home/$USER/"$name"

  1. Create a script named something like Unmount at ~/.config/caja/scripts folder:

fusermount -u "$path"

  1. Make the scripts executable. Right click on the image you want to mount and choose "Scripts-> Mount". This will create a folder withe the file's name at your home folder (you can modify the script if you want to mount elsewhere). Rigth click on the mounted folder and choose "Scripts-> Unmount" in order to unmount it.

I couldn't make the scripts to mount the images under /media/$USER without superuser rigths. Therefore, the mounted image doesn't show under "Devices".

If anyone can help with that I would be grateful (I think that gnome-disk-image-mounter uses some dbus service in order to be able to mount under /media/$USER without superuser privileges). Also, if you find any bugs or improvements let me know.