Mount NAS share at startup


I want to mount a NAS share at startup on my Raspberry Pi 2 with Ubuntu Mate 15.10.1

I have added a line to /etc/fstab and when I type :
mount -a
the directory is mounted properly

But I don’t know how to mount it automatically at startup.

Thank you for your help

Have a look in the detailled steps described with the article “Sticky Mounting NAS Drives” article using the utility Gigolo.

I have looked at Gigolo and it works : I can mount NAS share at startup
On my desktop, there is an icon “multimedia on nas”
I would like to know the path to the “multimedia on nas” folder so I can enter it in Madsonic
I have tried : smb://nas/multimedia but it does not work

Does this help?:

I had to add this command
“sleep 5”
before the “mount -a” command
so the raspberry waits for the network to be up

thanks anyway

Understand that you have to add a “sleep” statement before mounting. So does this resolve your issue you’re facing and can properly mount NAS drives upon reboot?

Yes it resolve the issue
I can properly mount NAS drive upon reboot

OK & great. Then please mark your post as resolved so that others know about the solution :yum:

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