Mount/remount partitions

I recently attempted to backup my / (sda3) partition to an unused/unmounted (sda6) partition using clonezilla…

When I rebooted, clonezilla had mounted sda6 as /, and unmounted my sda3 partition.

What is the easiest way to switch these back?



Hi Jim007

When you cloned sda3 to sda6, you also cloned the UUID of the first partition to the second thus getting a boot into sda6 - grub sees both partitions as being the same.

What you can do to fix this is to boot into a live USB (or CD) and use GParted to change sda6’s UUID. Right click on sda6 and select New UUID. Reboot and you’ll be back using sda3 once again.

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The terminal command

sudo blkid

will show the uuid in use.

Thanks! Can I say that was "almost" too easy?


Good to hear that. The easier, the better.