Mount SD card reader - raspberry pi



I had unbuntu mate running on my raspbery pi 3. I ran into an issue with trying to get it to auto login. As a result I can’t log in anymore.

I created a new SDK card that is running. I would like to get a file off of the old SD card running the ubuntu mate I can no longer log into.

I got a SD card read and connected it to my raspberry pi via USB. I want to mount it and get my file off.

I have run fdisk -l

I do not see it in the results.

Any ideas as to what I might try?




I am running UM on a Raspberry Pi 3, too. After connecting a SD Card Reader (same dimensions as the raspberry pi) via USB there are no problems. If you run lsblk is the SD Card named there?

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According to your problems with autologin:

You have to create a new file called 12-autologin.conf in the directory
/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/ adding this lines:


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