Mount two folders

Dear Ubuntu Superuser,

Kindly asking for your support and advise.
I have mounted USB hard-drive to Folders used for Samba share

UUID=4AA475581A625AB1 /media/Mac ntfs defaults 0 0
UUID=46F053B2F053A6C9 /media/Shared ntfs defaults 0 0
UUID=26645917093757A4 /media/Media ntfs defaults 0 0
UUID=08F466CCF466BB96 /media/Video ntfs defaults 0 0

Now on mounted “UUID=26645917093757A4 /media/Media” I have installed owncloud data folder.
I want to mount “/media/Shared” folder to “/media/Media/Own-Cloud/User/” folder.
So whenever I enter my OwnCloud I can see date from drive “/media/Shared”

Kindly asking for your support, is that possible and then the command line how it should look (mount command)

Kind Regards

Hi @Saulius2006. The key to mounting a directory is the mount --bind option.

sudo mount --bind /media/Shared/ /media/Media/Own-Cloud/User/

But you indicate you’re looking for the fstab line instead of the mount command? If so, this should be the equivalent for fstab:

/media/Shared/ /media/Media/Own-Cloud/User/ none bind 0 0

Be sure and position it in fstab after the others, of course.

But I’d consider using a symbolic link instead of a mount. Here’s the equivalent:

sudo ln -s /media/Shared /media/Media/Own-Cloud/User/

I actually checked these out so hope it’s what you’re looking for.