Mouse wheel use in 19.04

My optical mouse has stnd 2 buttons separated by a "wheel" which under Windoze will allow scrolling (up & down). But there doesn't appear any obvious way to have same capability in MATE - is there ?? Thanx.

Bewildered Bob


I have a usb 2 button wheel mouse works fine for me

Can you post the output of these commands pls

dmesg | grep Mouse
lsusb | grep Mouse

However, for me Control Centre -> mouse does not discover I have a wheel mouse
but it works fine for me....such as in my web browser

Hi Aus9: the dmesg cmd shows that the mouse is a PS/2; there is no output for lsusb. What am i doing wrong ? Thanx.

Bewildered Bob

Yikes I did not realize we are still using PS/2 mice.

Ok try this

l smod | grep psmouse
# if nothing found then load the module
sudo modprobe psmouse

then what you should get is this output to repeating the first command
TIP you can press the up arrow to scroll back 2 commands and press enter

lsmod | grep psmouse
psmouse 151552 0

Now I have an usb mouse so psmouse for me output is not useful but yours may have more lines of output.

  1. Report if your mouse is now working for wheel

  2. we may need to have that kernel module loading over reboot
    but lets see what happens for you first?

  3. also we may need to set up a Xorg.conf file over reboot?
    xorg - Where is the config file? How do I configure X there? - Ask Ubuntu

Hi Aus(sie ??): the mouse itself is a wireless optical mouse from Microsoft not a PS/2 mouse even 'tho that's what Ubuntu calls it.

My other desktop runs Ubuntu MATE so i will let you know what happens after trying your suggestion later. Thanx.

still Bewildered Bob


well post the full output of below command. I suspect you have a dongle inserted into a usb port. Otherwise you would have said bluetooth optical mouse?

  1. I use a wired usb mouse. So not sure what you will see but
    maybe you might need to upload your full dmesg as txt file and link to it?

dmesg > dmesg.txt

Hopefully someone might spot the issue.