Move window to the top of my screen

I tried to move the blank.odt window to the top of my screen but it would only go as far as my panel.

Is there a way to get it to go all the way to the top.

I frequently edit two files and need to compare them to look for errors.

Thanx gentlemen and scholars.

Put your cursor on the window to be moved and press Alt-F7. The cursor will change to a hand and allow you to move that window to the top of your screen and beyond if wanted. Press the space bar to terminate this function. Is that suitable?

Edit: Alt+F7 also allows moving that window back down if you cannot see the title bar.

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Unfortunately, it did not work.

I MUCH appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I have no further ideas.

Hi @fixit7,

what is your "move window" shortcut in control center / keyboard shortcuts?

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Hi Fixit

I opened two terminal windows like you describe, side-by-side. You can do the same with odt files

I don't use a shortcut.

I use my cursor to move windows.

thanks. that's clever putting the windows side by side.

Shortcut itself is not moving your window, it activates "move window" mode, when you are able to move your window with cursor. I am trying to understand, why @mdooley's correct answer is not working for you.

Another similar approach to grab window with mouse is to put cursor on window and press left mouse button while holding Alt key pressed. Cursor shall change and you shall be able to drag your window (while holding both Alt and left mouse button). Please, check Control Center / Windows / Behaviour settings.

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It is Alt F7 to move windows.

Ah! I see how it's supposed to be done.

Is this suitable?


The Freedesktop specifications define a root Xwindow property named _NET_WORKAREA.
Window managers follow those specifications and let you move the window inside the workarea.
The panel, when launched, creates a property _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL. That tells where the boundaries of the panel are goung to be. When you move/resize the panel that property changes. Whenever the struts are set, _NET_WORKAREA changes too.
What you could do is to remove the panel struts.

xprop -remove _NET_WM_STRUT_PARTIAL

But then the panel is going to be on top of all other windows.
You can use wmctrl to add the property to keep the panel below.

wmctrl -i -r ${XWINDOW_ID_OF_TOP_PANEL} -b add,below

A little scripting would be needed to find out the panel's XID and run the two commands whenever _NET_WORKAREA changes.

Thanks for the idea.

I will stick with putting the 2 windows side by side when I do editing.

Dear Andy,
Never give up, except when you have to. :upside_down_face:

I did not give up.

Your method involved much more work.

I found a method that satisfied me.