MP-BIOS Bug:8254 timer not connected to IO Apic

Running a Dell E521 with 1.1.11 Bios, like many others cannot install any Linux distro (so far) due to this Bios bug. Appending “noapic” to boot allows install but performance is consequently compromised. Does anyone know if this distro (Mate) is free of this bug, or if not able to recommend one that is? Thanks.

Sadly if you have this problem in a another ubuntu version or even in ubuntu sadly nop. Sorry

Is a good idea to try first:


This is because noapic could let you using only one core if your computer is multicore. Also, noapic option could make some things to stop working (wireles, peripherals, etc).

If acpi=off works for you, so you can start debugging the issue following this short guide to find the exact problem: